Born into a poor family to a teenage mother and an infamous father, Odetta has had a life that is nothing short of a miracle. She lost her father when she was six to criminality in his bid to escape the authorities. She did not graduate from high school, was homeless, and a college dropout who was pregnant twice by age 17, once from being raped resulting in an abortion that she was sure left her infertile. Yet, despite her many life lessons, by age 25, Odetta became the youngest Vice President in a US Fortune 500 company that is today Xerox, and from her US dollar six-figure salary package, built her first mansion for her extended family to replace the dilapidated house she grew up in. Odetta had achieved most of her life goals by age 25; however, that was only the beginning.


'No Regrets, Just Lessons: Odetta Rockhead, UNEDITED' (NRJL) is a disarmingly honest, gut-wrenching, tear-jerking memoir about a poor, broken, dysfunctional little girl who blossomed into an unstoppable woman. Seamlessly baked into this binge-worthy memoir is a self-help manual highlighting teachable moments often overlooked in an experience. Odetta isn't just regurgitating what everyone else has said about self-improvement. Instead, she invents her own methods through experience and trial and error. This gorgeous photographic memoir that reads like a novel, but unfortunately true, explores complex and conversational subject matters, including sexual abuse, abortion, rape, racism, ageism, sexism, homosexuality, promiscuity, spirituality, criminality, love, divorce, and tragedy. But it is not always heavy, as it is littered with humor and moments that will make you want to yell, "You go girl." The rich descriptions will transport you to the scene, making you feel as if you are actually there. 'No Regrets, Just Lessons' has it all; adventure, romance, and mystery. There are nuggets of gold in the life lessons shared, and the words jump off the pages as if Odetta is speaking directly to you. This shocking yet inspirational memoir will cause readers to experience a swirl of emotions as they indulge in the 476 spell-bounding pages. Tears will be shed; there will be the occasional laughter; there will be anger and shock and awe moments. At times you will feel sad and even scared, but what a worthwhile experience it will be to immerse yourself into the adventures of a woman who didn't allow life to break her.

No Regrets Just Lessons

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